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Making game with Mikzku: Diary entry #6763

2008-09-13 04:43:05 by Rikkis

Things done.

- Controls
- Basics
- Some graphics
- Music

Things to do.

- Menu
- API for Kongregate version.
- Ending screen.
- Rest of the graphics

I have to say, this game has been going on for a while and we are doing pretty well now.
We got musics, made already basic graphics and basic things to game, we still need Menu.
API is biggest things for us now, because this game is going to be also on Kongregate we need it to get badges if our rating gets high enough.
Ending screen isn't so important for now so we make it last thing to do, rest of the graphics are top of the list after API.

I hope we make it soon enough.



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