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I must like same things that you do! Oh no, Newgrounds strikes again!

2008-09-07 13:51:06 by Rikkis

Well well well.

I was looking my audio and flash rewiews and spotted one odd thing.
If you won't agree with people that vote 10 10 and 10, your comment get marked as useless.
Like my Hexiom Connect just because i voted 7 instead usual 9-10.

Well, this is Newgrounds and sometimes it is unfair.

That all!


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2008-09-07 14:52:05

can you plz go to my post and comment


2008-09-07 15:03:54

all people do is mark useless if they disagree with the score; helpful if they agree

and a lot of the time, people will go to your profile and mark all your reviews as useless if you do something they don't like

the rating system is garbage